Hey hearters, today I'll talk about food... well and school too. As everyone knows school has started and I wanted to give some lunch ideas.
The most important thing in a students life is to be healthy and to stay focused, so in order to maintain this you should know which food is good for you and which one you enjoy the most. There are a lot of food that you can take with you in school, that you like or if you are in a specific diet. It doesn't matter actually, what matters is that you must eat your food with love, because it transforms that into health and happiness. That's what happens when you eat food, joy, happiness and love.

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So here are some lunch ideas that I think will be enjoyable and good to eat:

1) Nutella banana crepes

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Cut them in small pieces and put them in a small box and enjoy your sweet meal.

2) Ham and cheese roll-ups

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For the rolls to stay warm, wrap them in aluminium paper and put them in a box.

3) Pancakes

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For something special and tasty try the banana pancakes. Or go with any other pancake recipe...
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4) Fruits
The most healthiest food you can take are fruits. They are tasty and sweet. Also you can add some cereals to make the meal even more tasty.

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5) Fruits with chocolate

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You can try with any other fruit too... It is simple and good looking.

6) Cookies/Biscuits

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Yummy right? I must say that I love the chocolate cookies and ginger biscuits. They are delicious.
"I love you more than chocolate! ...just kidding!"

7) Homemade toasts

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It's by choice with what you make them.

8) Yogurt or Smoothies
You like yogurt, well that's not a problem, take a jar... mix some fruits in a blender (in your preference)... then mix them with the yogurt... Put them all in the jar. And here you have your happy, healthy meal. You can also mix the white yogurt with some cacao or with pieces of fruits for a different taste.

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Yogurt/Smoothie with different tastes...

9) Pudding
Puddings can be made in different ways with different flavors. You can make them with vanilla, cacao, caramel, fruits, rice and even with chicken believe it or not (I've tried the chicken pudding and I must say that I love it. It is a Turkish dessert. As well as Sütlaç a rice pudding, which is a traditional dessert in Turkey. I say this 'cause I've traveled Turkey and tried some of the traditional dishes.)

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The last two photos are rice pudding "Sütlaç". All the puddings you make, you can put them into jars. This way it will be easy to take them in school. All your friend will be amazed with the different kind of puddings you make or take...
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10) And now some "mixed" food as veggies (yeah I know they're not always good, but they are healthy...), and different snacks.

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I don't know if you have ever tried to combine the cheese with fruits as apple, pear, melon or even strawberries. They are very delicious...
  • Well, a last thing that I wanted to add is this:
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Because YOU are what you EAT.

And what you eat is important. Every bit of what we eat is transformed in a part of our body. So eat what is good for you, that must make the trick.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a nice day...