All these songs are so amazing! they are by upcoming artists or artists whose first language is not English.
these are links to YouTube pages where they post or where i found the songs. I would say don't restrict yourself to one language..all the songs have English subs, give them a try!

please support the artists if you enjoy their songs!

There are song songs from different languages.

Adib Sin -From Here

-new and upcoming youtube artist who is just amazing!

Loveware -The Night

- for people who don't like lyrics a lot

Dean Fujioka -History Maker

when you feel down but are sure that you are never going to give up!

Lauren Aquilina- King Lyrics

-will help you calm down

Kokia -To the Me of Those Days (Ano hi no watashi ni) Eng Sub

-A really wonderful song with deep meaning

Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos -Dati (Eng sub)

-when you feel in love and want to dance

Ito Kashitaro - My Narrow Road (ぼくのほそ道)

- when you are on trip to find yourself.

Art for the cover - Adib Sin & Cae (From Here)