Hi, first article, sooo nervous! So I usually like to do stories and I will put some of my brain fart shorties. Who knows, maybe they will be parts! Any ways this one is based on one of my friend's books, BloodyAppleNote on Wattpad, "Demon Calling You". This is the remake, enjoy~!

"We may be different, but our goal never changes."
- Demon

The War

Lightning clashes against each other along the battle field. Two sides of immortal beings wanted to take over Hell after Satan had gone to his first ever hibernation. He didn't bother to name who would rein over the realm while he's gone.

That left with the Reapers and Demons to fight it out. Ten long years pass by and they still couldn't find the replacement.

Arthur Reaper, the leader of the reapers, was very calm and collected. His weapon making skills shunned even Satan's best black smith.

While on the demon's side, Alueris Demon, temptress of all beings did what she did best. Her combat skills were phenomenal, it sometimes looked like she was doing a graceful dance. Even archangels fall in love with her dance.

Both sides start getting ready for their one hundredth battle. Alueris's black long silky hair blows along with the heated wind. Her cold red eyes gleam as does her gold worn armor. She walks over to middle of the battlefield to give the proper impression for the battle. "Are you ready to be the first to die?" She asked

Arthur frowned at seeing how giddy the woman is for such a battle. His gold eyes glares at her ivory face. His white wavy hair brushes against his dark skin, also along with the wind. "We can stop this bloody war, have our races not die, and be ready when our lord comes back. All you have to do is listen and obey me."

Alueris stares at him with a smile creeping up with anger burning inside. "No, I think I'll pass being your slave. I also don't want to see my buddies to be insulated if I surrender."

"How about I take you both?"

Before Demon and Reaper can register what happened, a man brighter than the sun took the both. Never to be seen by their allies, thus forcing the war to be on a standstill until they get back.

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We shall burry ourselves to renew ourselves