They say that dreams come true if someone works for them, but sometimes some dreams can't come true. For example, homecoming is in October this would be my first Highschool dance since I entered school. As a senior, I expect my year to be perfect, but we all know nothing is perfect. My dream for any dance would be to slow dance with the guy that I like. The song Perfect by Ed Sheeran would be playing in the background while he chooses me to dance with him and we would waltz on the dancefloor. I would be in a skirt with a cherry blossom print and a white longsleeved blouse. We would be gazing into each other's eyes and smile at each other. There would be a choreographed dance that the school would have learned and we start to join them. The dance consists of twirls, lifts, swaying and much more graceful moves. As the song starts to end, the guys will be dipping the girls slowly then bring them up to a twirl. Students will clap for the other students who participated in the dance and friends will be cheering on for my first slow dance. He would let me go and say, "You look perfect tonight." I would blush and thank him. He and I will confess our love and kiss me the second I respond to his confession. My friends would be cheering and start to record everything. He would pull me closer and deepen the kiss, thus having my happily ever after coming to an end. That's where it ends because I know that the students wouldn't like to learn a dance and well the boy I like is a football player. I'm just a girl who doesn't have beauty or a body of a model and just a nerd who gets good grades. He would never fall in love with me or even take a glance at me. Maybe it's just me having high expectations or a girl wanting to live in a fantasy, who knows? But one thing is for sure this dream will never come true, it's just a fantasy.