After months of waiting and counting down the day that myself and many others have been waiting for has finally arrived! BTS' Comeback day!

Being an international ARMY I set my alarm clock on Monday morning September 18th at 4:44am. Knowing that my excitement was going to be enough to wake me up so early. BTS dropped not only their new MV called DNA but also dropped their whole new mini album titled LOVE YOURSELF / HER that includes 9 new tracks.


bts, jin, and v image
BTS in the DNA MV making an image of actual DNA during their dance break

This track is a catchy and upbeat tune that has a cool vibe and a whistle beat. Listen to it once and you'll be whistling the beat for the whole rest of the day. With the vibrant colors and their bright outfits it makes for a very good vibe concept that can look a bit trippy at some points.

As always the aesthetics were amazing

alone, art, and asian image bts, suga, and jhope image bts, DNA, and v image DNA, mv, and bts image

You can watch the full MV here :

Intro: Serendipity

Released on September 4th this was the first taste that ARMYS got of what to expect for this upcoming album with this Comeback Trailer featuring BTS member, Jimin. This trailer was very magical and aesthetically pleasing including images of stars, the moon, and the solar eclipse. All of this mixed with Jimin's beautiful and smooth vocals made this an amazing trailer and introduction to what was to come.

bts, jimin, and serendipity image chimchim and jimin image Image removed beautiful, eclipse, and header image

You can watch the full Comeback Trailer Here :

Best Of Me

The track that BTS collaborated with The Chainsmokers on. So as expected it has a very upbeat, catchy beat and chorus. This track before it came out was pretty hyped and talked about since BTS attended the BBMAS this past year and met The Chainsmokers . Although the media and BTS / The Chainsmokers themselves kept talking about it, in the fandom it was very controversial because many ARMYS didn't want BTS to be associated with The Chainsmokers but since the song came out most are still supporting and many are enjoying it.


My personal favorite out of the whole new album. Such a cute song with even cuter lyrics. Singing all about how someones dimples are so cute that it's illegal. They even use word play in this song which is amusing. Calling them "illegirl" since they think their dimples are dangerous and "illegal".

Pied Piper

At first listen this seems like such a chill song and I was instantly hooked like many others. But we were in for a surprise when the translations of the lyrics to the song came out. Many ARMYS were taken a back by these lyrics where BTS is basically "exposing" and "roasting" their fans. With lyrics like "stop watching and prepare for your exams. Your parents and boss hate me. All those videos and photos you saw on twitter, vapp, bon voyage. Stop it, you can do the MV analysis later anyway your room already has so many photos of me" The whole song is about how much love and time that their fans put into them but forget that they need to focus and "love themselves" too even if we use them as our escape from the world and our lives. So the lyrics are very straightforward and I think that BTS did amazing with this one I think the message hit home with all of their fans.

Skit : Billboard Music Awards Speech

One of the greatest achievements of 2017 so far for BTS was winning Top Social Artist at the BBMAs. I will never forget turning on my TV here in America and getting to see them on my screen for the very first time. I felt so proud of them and also happy for being part of the reason they were up on that stage. They were so excited this day and it was obviously a very important moment for them considering they included the whole speech which was by Namjoon, the leader of the group. At the end of the speech you can hear a mic drop and that leads into the next song on the album.

Mic Drop

When you see a title like this one you know that the rap line is about to spit some fire. As soon as I saw this on the tracklist I knew it was going to be lit and performed by no other than the rap line and I was right about both of these assumptions. (Side note: the bass went so hard at the beginning of this song that it literally blew out the speakers on my headphones this morning and I had to buy new ones)

Go Go

Every single time this song comes on I end up laughing. I'm not sure what's funnier about it for me, the lyrics or the voices they're making when singing this song. Although this song makes me laugh especially Taehyung's voice during his verse and Hobi repeatedly saying YOLO over and over it is so extremely catchy and I love it. I also love the little flute playing in the background of the entire song.

Outro : Her

Last but not least is a very chill song that feels like a perfect ending to the album. This song gives me strong vibes to some older BTS songs so if you like any of BTS' older stuff you're sure to like this one. This song is also performed by rap line but is drastically different from their other song in this album, Mic Drop.

Sadly that finishes up all of their new songs. I can't wait to receive my physical copy in the mail soon. Below I listed some links where you can listen to all of the songs that I talked about here. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.

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