He was like a magic spell. Once you looked at him you were doomed. Not only to never be able to look away, but to give him your heart, too.

The boy was too pretty for his own good. With his raven black hair and deep green eyes. His hands long, slander, and alagent, justlike everything else about him, for that matter.

Hands that would touch you in all the right places. Only for you to crave his touch more and more. And eventually crave his love, too.

But this boy had no place in his heart for something as fragile and mortal as love. For his heart was filled with an unforgiving ocean, and his soul with a dark thunderstorm, anything but mortal. And anything as fragile as love would drown and be blown to peaces within a single heartbeat.

So he played with the hearts of boys and girls, just to try and calm the raging storm inside him.