(None of these photos were taken by me)

1) Colorful

converse, shoes, and pink image

2) Pink

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

3) Cozy

Image by smile

4) Creativity

flowers, art, and skeleton image

5) White

cat, cute, and pink image

6) Darkness

blue, aesthetic, and grunge image

7) Neon

music, words, and quotes image

8) Decoration

cat, light, and animal image

9) Warm

gif image

10) Green

fashion, girl, and braid image

11) Pattern

cat, wallpaper, and black image

12) Rainbow

Image by Señorita de Billy

13) Teal

wallpaper, wall, and background image

14) Leaves

dog, cute, and puppy image

15) Black

love, peace, and black and white image