Hello again,
ich sage einfach nur hello again.

Okay, in Germany some will now sing this in particular melody and I'm one of them. It is terribly early today but I can't sleep any more. Seriously I didn't really slept this night due to something. And I need to get ready for my first job interview. Hey, I made it. Almost. No more sitting at home and getting bored. No more dumb comments from my brother- who has even less to do than me- and some money I can spend.

And next week I have a appointment with two Shire Horses. On Saturday my parents and me went to some friends and we decided (she was totally drunk and I don't really know what was going on with me) to go riding on some 2.30m horses. I'm not even 1.70! This is totally insane but I'm also soooooo excited.