i will name my articles by numbers because more cool.

I'm so good searching for inspiration...

  • I discover new images on WHI and I put on my "..." collection. Here I heart pictures i want to try or get inspo (for example: bedrooms ideas, meals to try and more). Then i start to download one for one and try to imitate things i felt for.
  • On my computer i have a couple of folders where I put my downloads. On my ootd folder I put all the outfits I love so then I have inspiration for my every day. I have similar folders like hairstyle & make up and i do the same.
  • I search for my beauty icons style or search for pictures that really show my style.
  • I have two notebooks that help me. First, is a notebook where i write down post of my fav pages, then this posts will help me (a lot) & my second, is full of style things like outfits ideas & trends.
  • And obvs, I find inspiration on you all & all of your amazing articles.

So, where you find inspiration? Let me know!

baby angel