I'm not gonna try to be columnist or something like that.I just wanna express myself here where nobody knows me and maybe some of you may feel the same way as I feel...

Some days on the row you feel like everything's perfect and you feel ready to deal with any problem that it could show up('cause you're used to expect problems anymore).And those days you feel so happy and everything is on point.But those days you know they can't last forever.And from the moment when an problem occurs,I don't know how,but life(in my occasion) desides that it's right to show up all the problems at ONCE!Ok not all the problems in our life are so important but you are in a difficult situation everything seems so difficult or annoying or I don't even know what!And if you have a lot of problems to face(either they're important or not) you feel so disoriented and you don't even know what to do or sayor what you should feel about it!As a result you can't focus on important things,you can't see a solution,you can't find the positive side.Maybe there's no problem at all!I don't know!Also you maybe have noticed that sometimes you overreact or don't feel anything and sometimes your behavior doesn't matches the proportionate occurrence!!!Αnd that's when you feel that you've messed up(even the most of your time it's not your mistake!) and feel so complicated!

So when you feel like this you should do an imaginary step back or try to examine the problem of a third person's point of view.With this way you will more able to control your feelings or behaviour and somehow things will be clearly again!Or try to understand if it's Really a problem or you're a just a drama queen(that needs a little eveyday dram in her life!!)

But the main thing you should remember that those harsh days/months will be over!Trust me I've though some very serious shit!Those days will be over and you won't be able to remember them at all!Besides life is not only happy moments.Problems will always exist...everybody knows it(even if sometimes you feel that anything bad is gonna happen to you).Anyway life goes on,so you should do the same as wel!!!

some tips from me
-when you are angry with someone and you're thinking about saying something bad to them or you just want so much to curse him/her in front of people DON'T DO IT!I think that everyone's been through this desire and immediately regretted it!Think about the compunctions of saying this and you're gonna regret this right away.
-Ok about this I know it's too mainstream but enjoying the little things in life(like friends,family,health)will make you to stay
unaffected from stupid things that could happen.As long as you care and focus on importatnt things in your life you won't be annoyed about stupid arguments etc.
-I believe that you shouldn't share your problem with anyone who's available to listen that time.Trust people who trust you,even if I know sometimes things can get so complicated and you don't know who to trust!

That's all I wanted to share here.I don't believe that anyone will read this but in case you read it I hope you found one more person that shares the same thoughts as you!

*Sorry for my bad English
**I know I mention the words "important" and "problem" all the time