I started my september pages and I added new things.
I have to sarting saying I do not have a phone , so I can show you right now, but I will do it (some day).

  • I have my weekly layout.

With my every day stuff, calendar (this week I have vacations yay) and my thoughts.

  • DIY stuff

I have a list when i put my do it yourself things (includes my diy trends).

  • Making habits.

I write down my future habits.

  • Sep shop list.

I make a list where I write down the clothes I want to buy.

  • My perfect pages.

A list with my fav web pages.

  • Films & series

A list with the series & films I want to watch (and I completed one page ).

  • My current playlist

The songs I'm loving right now!

  • Books

Books I want to read.

So that's my bullet journal's pages. What's on yours?
I'll make an article with what I have on every page.

baby angel