Hey guys, What's up?

Today let me talk a little about my history here in WHI❤

I started using this app around 2012 (wow, as time goes?), I was just a kid so I didn't know what this app was about, and I left it for a year or two...

Then I came back around 2014 or 2015 (idk lol), and I still didn't know too much about this but I just started hearting some photos nothing interesting, and guess... I left it again :) hehe.

Here are some of my collections :)

But now, I mean a few months ago, I'm back!. When I came back, I finally find the meaning of We Heart It, for me it's something that you can't describe in a word, It's much more, WHI it's everything to me I find a way to express myself, for the first time, with photos, now with articles I can tell you what I think, what is my way to see the things, and of course you can tell me too with postcards (send me a postcard if you want to talk :D) But most important I think WHI it's a family full of values and I hope it lasts forever.

Thanks sooooo much for read my article, I'll link my other articles down bellow if you want to check them ;)

And that's all, give a ❤ if you want and you will read me in my next article!

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Kisses, Constanza.