Hi there! my name is Isis I've been a part of WHI for almost 5 years, I took a break from the community but now I'm back to hearting and Im super excited to write this first article so lets get going!

If there is something I love with all my heart is music and so has been since I can remember, so these series of articles will be dedicated to you guys, to add something new to your playlist or maybe discover a new artist, there will be all types of genres, from clasical to rap, so you'll definitely find something that will make you smile.

Not all songs are in english, other lenguages will include: spanish, italian, french, german and japanese, I will add the name of the artist, the name of the song and the decade it belongs to.

1) Le quattro stagioni - Antonio Vivaldi (1921)
One of the most relevant clasical music figures Vivaldi makes poetry with music, Le quattro stagioni was featured in Disney's Fantasia 1940 one of my favorite films as a kid due to its wonderful music and artistic design. Personally I like winter the best! ♥

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2) California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas (1966)
As a kid I used to travel a lot with my parents to the U.S we drove across Mexico's Peninsula and as I watched all kinds of scenery, beautiful skies, trees, and small towns music would always be playing softly in the background so this has a powerful nostalgia factor for me.

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3) Twist and Shout - The Beatles (1963)
Even tho I'm not the biggest Beatle fan I have a couple of songs that I like, while we travelled we listened to the radio but for the most time we didn't have any signal so my mom and dad would play their favorite cassettes , they were hardcore Beatle and Shania Twain fans so I would listen to them on a regular basis.

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4) And I love her - The Beatles (1964)
Personally my favorite song by The Beatles, the rythm is so sensual and relaxing.

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5) That Don´t Impress Me Much - Shania Twain (1997)
MAN! if there is a woman that's amazing in every single way is Shania Twain, everybody claims to hate country but this songs makes most of us want to put on some boots and curve some annoying dude, she has the look, the sass and some amazing vocals.

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6) You're the still the One - Shania Twain (1997)
1997 was some hell of a year for Shania Twain, this is by far my favorite song by her I get so emotional when I listen to it.

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7) Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain (1997)
When I was a kid I remember my mom crying because someone stole her Shania Twain cassette, my parents loved her so much they named my sister after her. If you don't have this song in your girl power playlist you should definitely add it! ♥

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8) Does Your Mother Know - ABBA (1979)
Most people know ABBA, from the hit musical Mamma Mia! , from the Dancing Queen meme or even from Gravity Falls when Dipper was ashamed of liking BABBA and even tho it may seem mainstream to like ABBA due to its impact on pop culture their talent is undeniable. In my case I was familiar with ABBA via my mom she had the Golden CD by this time I was 6 years old and was learning english by listening to music and watching movies, so this song was super fun to me.

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9) The Name Of The Game - ABBA (1977)
The beauty of music is that it transcends time and even tho this song is from the 70's modern day teens with highschool crushes can relate to these lyrics, the song is absolutely adorable and a bit sad.

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10) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - ABBA (1979)
This song is super catchy didn't get the lyrics until I was 16 lmaooo

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So...This is all for today, hope you enjoyed reading! ♥