They say you are an addict, but the truth is I am too. I'm obsessed with your body, your hair, those wooden eyes that transmit galaxies to me; the way you walk and talk. I love that you make me laugh and feel safe.
Thank you for trusting me.
I' m sorry I told you about that death in the film, but I thought you already knew.
I'm sorry if I ever hurted you, believe me it wasn't my intention.

I'll never forget that first night, under the lights, dancing; all about you and me, about our love. We know it was your first kiss, but in a way it was mine too because it was the first time I ever kissed someone I loved.
I feel almost the same way as you.
I'll never forget the words you said to me on the second night; and also those seconds when I was just about to kiss you; my drug: those lips. My love.