So I don't know about you guys but I love fall. I may over plan it sometimes and then not actually do anything but this year I'm pretty determined. I want to have the best time that I can this year and nothing is stopping me. So I took to the internet and some friends to find some stuff that I could do with not much effort. I created a list and I decided to take it to you guys. Here you guys go!

1. Take A Flashlight Walk Through Your Neighborhood
2. Make A Pumpkin Spice Latte (there's a lot of recipes you can look up)
3. Make Apple Pie
4. Visit A Pumpkin Patch
5. Make Thanksgiving Cards
6. Make Mitten Puppets
7. Make Pumpkin Pie
8. Bake Chocolate Chips Cookies
9. Explore Abandon Places
10. Go Geocaching
11. Jump In A Pile Of Leaves
12. Try New Makeup/Face Painting
13. Go Apple Picking/Bobbing
14. Get Lost In A Corn Maze
15. Go For A Hay Ride
16. Go To Football Games
17. Eat A Candy Apple
18. Make Hot Chocolate
19. Carve A Pumpkin
21. Haunted Houses!!
22. Re-Watch Your Favorite Scary Movie
23. Give Out Candy/Get Some
24. Have A Bonfire
25. Have Some S'mores
26. Attend A Fall Festival
27. Have A Photoshoot
28. Create A Fall Playlist
29. Decorate Your Room/Locker/Phone Case/Anything!!
30. Have Fun!!