Honestly, there are many songs written about heartbreak and many articles and blog posts written about how to get over one; strangely ( to me anyways) is the fact that there is very little info about how to get over 'fake friends' since for me that is probably one of the hardest things to do. In honor of some of my fake friends that showed their true colors lately, I want to make this article to help myself and others who may be in my position to move away from those snakes and start anew.


  • Do they always make plans but then it turns out that they're too busy? ( Bonus points if after they say they're too busy you see them hanging out with someone else)
  • Do they always conveniently forget you when making plans? ( Bonus points if they did invite you to your plans but then left without you because you were taking too long)
  • Do they answer your texts anymore? And if they do, are they one word answers?
  • Do they talk crap behind your back?
  • Do they suddenly get angry at you for no reason?
  • Do they only talk about themselves, and don't even ask about your day?
  • Do they expect you to be okay with things that they wouldn't be fine with? ( Ex: Forgetting you)
  • Do they ever apologize?
  • Do they ever help you out or comfort you?

I don't think I need to make an answer key, if you see by these questions that your friends are treating you shitty, then you shall proceed to the next steps. Consider, that if they don't answer to your text once it doesn't necessarily mean they're fake, now if this happens consistently there is in fact a problem!!

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Step two is deciding which path you'll take; you can be the bigger person and just talk to them about how you feel and try to work it out. HOWEVER do not feel like you have to be the bigger person......allow yourself to be petty - after all, they didn't care about your feelings. So, if you chose step two go ahead an talk to them, if that's not working or you just want to be petty like me proceed to the next step.

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Now, there are plenty ways to go about this.... you could ruin their life by forcing others to feel bad for you or...you could make them feel bad and treat them the way they treat you. Answer them with one word, never have time for them. The latter is a better way because they can't come after you since you're doing 'nothing that they wouldn't do'. Gradually break ties with them, because they don't deserve you.

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Make new friends. Start fresh; sit with someone new at lunch or a class. Join a new club, start talking to someone next to your locker. Be sociable and nice and help out random new people, soon enough you'll stumble across people that do care about you. Keep your head up sunshine and don't let assholes take away your softness and happiness; they aren't worth your tears. :)

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