When the moon comes to me I know that's you, and my love comes close to you can you feel it? Feel my heart beats when I see you and hear it when it's increasing my love does the same for you So why you left me alone behind you with my tears & all painful memories, can you imagine the feeling of broken heart and the human body without a soul?
Now you gone far away from me from all the things that are belonging to me you broke my heart, tell me how I can back the previous me? Teach me how to forget that resident of my mind? Not even my mind, but my heart, my soul, and my everything too…. Is it so easy for you to leave without excuses no sight no talk? It's like you killed someone without even look to that dead body….that's me the dead body and you are the criminal…I can't ask you to bring back my soul or my heart but since they are for you I will live without regret….

By: F.A.I.H