I just downloaded this app and was viewing it , when i came across 15 days writing challenge . I really liked it and thought i should do it .

I am a 20 year old girl and i am a medical student .
So you can tell , i've a pretty busy life specially during exams season. I love calligraphy , painting and BOOKS. I have a lot of hobbies and i love to bake .
I have got some really great best friends. But i don't really have any friends in college . I am really passionate about medicine and i hope that i'll become a really great doctor one day .
Here are some facts about me
*. My favourite colour 😂 , well i don't have a favourite colour . It varies from time to time .
*. I love partying and having fun .
*My favourite book series is Harry Potter .
Yes I'm a potter head .
*. I know 3 languages .
*. I love animals and i have a pet cat named tweeto
*I love travelling and i hope someday i'll get to visit my favourite places .
*I don't listen to songs much. Sometimes i listen to owl city's songs , shawn mende's song or christina perrie's .
*I love watching korean dramas
*. I like to write and i love taking pictures .
Not of myself but of nature .
Well that's what i can write about me . 😂😂