Pretty Little Liars is a bbc tv series. It's about 4 girls who get blackmailed by someone called 'A'. The serie is very complicated to explain. So this is for the people who have seen it. People who haven't seen it or haven't seen the end yet. DO NOT READ THIS! Because of spoilers. This tv show is not fun if you already know what's going to happen or who A is. With some tv shows it doesn't matter, but with this one it does.

#The End
I am directly going to jump to the end. I LOVE THE END!!! I am in love with Alex -Spencer's twin-. I watched al lot of theory's on youtube. I found a lot of theory's about Spencer having a twin and that twin being A.D. I thought this was the one most likely to be true. And I loved this theory, but I expected that the writers would surprise us with something no one thought off. So I had mixed feelings when I saw the end.

#My favorite Theory
One I was looking up theory's on youtube, I came across a very interesting one. One that was not so likely, but would be very cool if it was true. This one involved Aria and Ezra. My two favorite characters. So this theory says that Aria is A and Ezra is her author. So Ezra wrote the whole story and Aria was A from the very beginning until the end. This was my favorite theory. I really wanted this to be true, but I knew it was too far fetched.