OK my baby frens (can I call you like this?)


I'm in love with blogs and lifestyle stuff, so I will use this amazing space (thanks WHI for it) to make my dreams (almost all) real!

let me start...

I've been always in love with organization, fashion and diy stuff.

Some months ago I decided to start a bullet journal and my life get much easier.

Talking about fashion, I know that's my passion but have little problems. You don't know but I'm not millionaire so I don't have money to buy all trends and this make me so sad. I'm looking for job but luck is not by my side, so I have to wait.
That's the moment when diy things appear and my life turn easier beacuse I could make trends by my own.

I'm trying to finish high school (althought i'm 19 years i still in hs because family issues) and study fashion and style.

So that's a little bit of myself and i'm so proud to share with you my babies & i want to know about you all!

baby angel