at night I feel more like myself. At night the creativity part of me wakes up. At night the "I want to change the world"-part wakes up (actually, this part is already awake but at night I get more 'worldchanging' ideas)
I always wish I could be a writer and write down my deep, inspiring thoughts but it's actually just me, writing some shit because I have no idea what to write.
Sometimes, when some people - especially very tumblr people - write down their night thoughts and hopes and dreams, it sounds just so perfect and I'm just there, sitting and reading like "How do you get these amazing thoughts at night when you're supposed to sleep"

I really like when the authors of deep, tumblr articles just write everything with small letters, just like "well, i actually don't care about this because writing like this gives my articles such a tumblr used touch of something that everyone likes"
You know who's jealous? ME!
Okay, well, now I'm going to try out this tumblr-writing-thing.

something that really is totally amazing is when people in their snapchats take really cute photos like why the heck is your phone camera quality that good? or if they are with their friends and they do some cool tumblr stuff and take amazing pics - and i'm just sitting there with my friends and we're eating. the only pics i get are some eating pics of me while i'm getting fat.

i often ask myself if these really expensive concerts mean that much to these people because instead of just enjoying the music and the singer, everyone is just like "who can hold their iphone's higher than me, hey i want to have the best picture of him" like why don't you enjoy that moment?

there are so many questions... if you're a part of this tumblr-people-group-thing you should definitely tell me why you're like this.

I hope you enjoyed my late night thoughts - if not, I'm sorry I'm not a tumblr girl yet
(I'm never gonna be one, lol)