I was never a bad student. I was never a great one either. I have basically been improvising my way through school to get it over with or actually studying and actively trying to get good grades.

study, book, and college image

This particular year though is one of great importance. As a senior, my ability to organize the material, my studying and my brain (for it needs to be of acceptable mental stability) is what decides the foundation of my future as a (hopefully) functioning adult. So school has started and I have been trying, for about a week now, to do all of the above. Conclusion?


Okay. I am not going to overreact but kudos (is that how you say it?) to you if you have managed to keep up with a stable schedule, good grades and a social life. I always find it so difficult to put studying above everything else.

To anyone feeling the same way, I wish you luck and I wish you patience. Getting organized is very much a matter of determination. Distance yourself from anything that disrupts your attention and sit your ass down to work. :)