"Where have you been"
something I wrote a few years ago

Today wasn’t only the first day of school..I actually got to see my crush who graduated at summer. As I was walking down the stairs I noticed this grey t-shirt of his..the one that fits his body perfectly. I suddenly looked up like I had seen a ghost or something..but not in the terrified kinda way..anyway..as I was walking towards the bench he was sitting on..he raised his eyes and looked at me. He looked at me the kinda way I did.. It was almost as if he was actually pleased to see me after 3 months or so.. His eyes were bright and warm and tranquil. We ended up looking at each other for 2 seconds. And then..the miracle ended. His eyes turned to the guy sitting next to him and he started talking to him.. It felt so weird..so odd..it was like he remembered who I was… and who he was and everything suddenly went back to normal.. But those 2 seconds..they were unique..all this time at school..he had never looked at me like that.. It literally almost felt like he was going to stand up, come towards me, hug me and say.. “Where have you been, Elektra?”