If you are any kind of student you know that the budget is tight! I'm currently reading last year of gymnasium, which is sort of equivalent to sixth form or senior year of high school. But still kind of not, if you really are interested just google the Swedish school system.

The point is even if you live on a budget you are entitled to some everyday luxuries. This could be anything really. Latte with caramel flavor instead of plain, a cute skirt or perhaps a well needed face mask.

This is my everyday luxuries for the month of September!

The coziest socks

fashion, socks, and autumn image
I bought three pair of socks at Monki and they are the most wonderful socks ever!

Facemasks & friends

Mature image
A combination of facemasks, friends and perhaps some apple juice!

Spotify premium + Harry Styles

Image by Poisoned Paradise
Since Spotify premium means Harry Styles wherever you are!

Colorful pencils for note-taking

study, notes, and school image
Because sometimes you need just a little bit of inspiration!

Little dinner parties

food, drink, and wine image
Nothing fancy really, if you do it picnic-style everyone can help! Someone can bring drinks, another can bring bread & cheese and a third can bring dessert!

The Addams family

the addams family, wednesday, and merlina image
Since it's autumn and autumn means the Addams family, because they are just amazing!

And that is about it! Just se this as a little reminder to take it easy every once in a while. You deserve it!