I learned and experienced so much throughout my 20 years on this earth. So I believe it important for teenagers, especially you 19 year-olds who are about to leave teenage-hood forever, to learn these 20 important things.

1. Know how to make one good meal on your own. It doesn't have to be anything exquisite, it literally can be scrambled eggs and bacon.

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2. Get a credit card and pay the bills on time to build up that credit.

3. It is better to have one close friend rather than five friends that are more or so less acquaintances.

4. Read for leisure. Trust me, you'll get caught up in a good book.

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5. Know how to spend time by yourself and enjoy it. Don't always feel the need to be surrounded by people. They don't define you, you define you.

6. Occasionally write in a journal. It's very therapeutic and relaxing.

7. When grocery shopping, buy the brands that are on sale. Name brands aren't everything and mostly just mean more money to spend unnecessarily.

8. Thrift shop when you need clothes. You find so many gems there for so little money.

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9. Spend time with your family and not always your friends. Friends will sometimes only be around for a small period of your life. Family is forever.

10. Take walks in nature whenever you have the chance. It lifts your mood.

11. Having a good time doesn't mean you have to drink alcohol and get wasted. Having a good time can literally be you curling up to watch TV on a Friday night.

12. Schedule an appointment. Order a pizza. Anything to get practice talking on the phone whether you like it or not. Trust me, it'll get easier the more you do it.

13. Know your social security number by heart.

14. Google maps is your best friend when needing to find your way to a new place.

15. Don't do none of that "talking" shit. Flat out ask them out so you know whether they want to be an relationship or not and you don't waste your time on someone who is just stringing you along.

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16. Seriously, just buy the drugstore brand makeup. No one can tell the difference between Too Faced and Maybelline when it's on your face.

17. Don't get offended by people that insult you. They're insulting you for what they're most insecure about.

18. Don't be afraid to laugh and dance and play games at a social gathering. Just because you're older now doesn't mean you still can't have fun.

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19. Have a major goal in life and pursue it with passion. Whether it be getting a certain job, graduating college, or even writing a book. Just be ambitious as possible, girl (or dude)!

20. Don't stress about being a perfect adult and having your life all sorted out. Your time will come. Just try everyday and everything will work out how it is suppose to.

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