Fall, or Autumn as we call it here in England, is my favourite season by far. Yes, in my eyes it beats the radiant summer heat, crispy winter air and the pretty flowers that bloom in spring. Why? Here are some of the reasons I think Fall is the most wonderful time of the year.

1) Its So Damn Cosy
Picture this. Your lying in your long sleeved pyjamas in front of a fire, a warm thick blanket drooped across your lap while your sipping on your hot chocolate and marshmallows, your watching some old films on the telly; listening to the rain tap gently against your windows... Absolute heaven

fire, winter, and cozy image autumn, cozy, and fall image

2) Halloween!
If you aren't a sucker for Halloween then your lying to yourself. Everybody loves a bit of spookiness, especially when the dark autumn nights approach. It is the absolute perfect time to dig out some of your favourite classic scary films and eat as much rubbish as you want without feeling guilty.

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3) Dark Nights
We all know that when Autumn arrives, so do the dark nights. The dark nights offer everything. From going out with your friends to have a bonfire and eat marshmallows, sleepovers, watching movies all night, or to just staying wrapped up in bed with a good book and a pumpkin scented candle.

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4) The Nature Is Beautiful
There is nothing like watching the leaves turn from a luscious green to a golden brown; and seeing little squirrels running freely in the bed of branches and bushes beneath their feet. And going for long walks in your boots, scarves and woolly mittens, hearing the leaves crackle with each step from under you. It is honestly the most relaxing (and photogenic) nature you will find yourself in.

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5) The Fashion
One of the main things that makes fall so cosy is the fact you get to walk around in the snuggest, warmest clothes ever. Boots, slipper socks, knitted jumpers, thick coats, long scarves. I admire it.

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6) Food
Warm donuts, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, marshmallows, apple crumble. It is a fact that in Autumn, the best food beholds. Honestly, the sensation you get after a long day at school when you just throw yourself on the sofa with a smoking cup of coffee with some donuts is a sensation that I want everyone to understand. Just looking at these pictures are making me pekish.

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So there we have it. My favourite things ever about Autumn/Fall, and I feel like 2017 is going to be the best one yet. I hope you enjoy all these things as much as I do. I will do a 'What I Like About Winer' when that comes around, but for now...Let Fall Begin!