Today I wanna speak about one of my favorite topic:

stars, blue, and aesthetic image

so let's get started

aries, stars, and zodiac image

It's controlled by Mars and It's a fire sign.
It's a sign with big creativities. The Aries people need to act and to organize, they are originals and they hate who try to control there.
They could be selfishes, they're braves and they learn so fast.
They love direct the hard situation and take control and they have problems-solving.
Usually they hate the lies but they're a good liars.
They're a hardheaded persons so please don't contradict them if you don't want the third world war. Thanks

bull, Sagittarius, and sign image

It's controlled by Venus and It's a earth sign.
If you want a boyfriend really possessive this people are made for you, but if you like changing or if you are a daydreamer this boy or girl are not for you, trust me.
They love the logic, they have patient and perseverance.
The taurus hate the schemes and the rumors. They're passions and sentimental people and they love long relationship.
For the last thing I ask you to don't ask the food to taurus people. They don' like share.

gemini, star, and astrologia image

It's controlled by Mercury and It's a air sign.
My ex boyfriend was a gemini so trust me I know this people, they're problematics and they don't have patient or perseverance. They prefer the flirt to long relationship (I discovered this too late). They don't think to consequences.
But this people have also good qualities, they are smarts, not touches, sensitive . They have good charm.
Good Luck!

animal, astrology, and blue image

It's controlled by moon and It's a water sign.
This is my sign and also my favorite.
We are strange, I know, we are lunatic and too emotional, we cry too much and we are frantic for everything. But we're strong and when we are finish to frantic we are ready to change the world. We are dreamer and we are fascinated by hidden and the future . we love adventure and we are so introspective and we understand people.
The cancer love family and our space. We look people without ambition but we have it.
We are changing like nobody else.
It's hard stay with us. Sorry