Before we start, I would like to two things:
- I won't give miraculous tips in this article. I won't tell you how to make the most wonderful eye liner trait ever, or stuffs like that, for the only reason that everyone is different and there is a lot of different preferences in makeup depending on your tastes. So the way I do my liner may not be the best for you, etc. I'm just giving some rules, some tips, to make your makeup always look good (or almost).

- If you really like the Kylie Jenner and Instagram look on makeup, this won't be for you. This is not the kind of makeup I will talk about, because I don't like it at all, sorry. But you may be just curious, and if you do, I'm glad of this :)
So, if I haven't disappoint you at this point, keep on reading ;)
I'm not a makeup artist or anything, I'm just a girl like you who learned by herself how to make herself up.

Rule n°1: If you don't know how to make-up, don't

This rule is maybe the most important one. What I mean is that if you don't know how to do a beautiful smoky eye, or a perfect eye liner trait, or anything, don't do it to go outside. You can learn, of course. That's the point. If you want it, learn how to do it perfectly by training at home, trying stuffs, etc. But don't wear outside something you can't do properly. There is nothing less feminine and elegant than a woman that wears not-well-done makeup. So if you still don't know how to make up, go for just mascara and blush. You will always look better with a well done minimalist makeup than with a horrible smoky, I swear. It's like drawing or painting: you can't start with something huge and difficult if you d'ont know how to draw. You have to learn the basis, and then you can do more complicate things.

Rule n°2: People shouldn't see you're wearing makeup (A lot is not always the best)

Actually, it's almost never. As I said, if you can do a bold makeup properly, nothing stops you from doing it. It really depends on your tastes, personnality.
I know the current trend tends to show really bold makeups, with big thick brows that has nothing more natural, big lips, etc.

girl, makeup, and nails image eyes, makeup, and eyebrows image Temporarily removed makeup, beauty, and icon image makeup, girl, and hair image makeup, hair, and braid image

I personnaly don't like this trend. It's my point of view. You may like it. But know that, by doing your brows, lips and face like this, you will never look as classy and as feminine as if you're wearing a similar makeup, but done in a much more natural way. (But you may don't care and not want to look feminine and classy, of course.)
The thing with makeup, is that people should never see what you're wearing. Of course, I'm not talking about bright lipstick or deep smoky here. This is the kind of makeup that is basically meant to be seen. It's about everything left. Foundation, countouring, blush, brows... If your makeup is done good, people should not see what you're wearing. They should guess it. "She has a really nice skin" they guess. "Her brows are really nice" they guess. People should think you're wearing something because it looks good. "she's wearing foundation" they see. "Her brows are drawn" they see. And this shouldn't happen.

Examples with brows:

eyes, girl, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and eye image beach, beautiful, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Quite natural, just filled with brow pen or eye shadow
girl, beauty, and blonde image makeup, eyes, and eyebrows image Image removed
Too much drawn. See the difference?

With lips:

gigi hadid, model, and blonde image girl, lips, and pale image
This will alway look better
lips, pink, and lipstick image hair, makeup, and beauty image
Than this. Don't try to make them too big and put lipstick over your lips' natural shape. If you have a really small mouth, you can try to do it, but just a little bit. (There is other ways to make you lips look bigger) It's really not feminine and it never looks good if too much, because people will see the delimitation between your lips and your skin.
Jennifer Lawrence image megan fox, red, and sexy image emma watson, black, and hermione granger image beauty, brunette, and fashion image Temporarily removed keira knightley image
Take inspiration from people (Emma Watson is a really great example I think): They can wear bold makeup, but always done in a quite natural way, and it's really elegant.
So, not too much makeup is often better.

Rule n°3: Cheap make-up... looks cheap

Just as clothes. This doesn't mean you have to spend millions on makeup. Same as clothes, some things are better if made of a good quality. Concealer, foundation, powder... I think this is the most important items you should consider buying quality. I found on my own experience that cheap concealer or powder always looks bad, not matter what you do. And it ruins all your makeup. However mascara for example doesn't make a huge difference if high end or drugstore. Eye-shadow or lipstick are in the middle, from my point of view. Of course they look better if made of a good quality. But I almost have only cheap lipsticks (NYX for most of them) and they look okay. Just as eye-shadow, they will only stay on your lips or eyes less longer than good ones.

Rule n°4: Take care of your skin

This is understood that if you want a clean and nice looking makeup, you have to take care of your skin. Eat well also, it really helps.

Rule n°5: Match your makeup with your features

Every kind of makeup isn't for everyone. For example, I personnaly have almond eyes. So eye liner with a long flick look good on me. If you have round eyes, this shape may not make you look really good, and you should consider doing a shorter flick. I have a big eyelids, so I can do thick liner trait, if yours are small, you'll have to do thinner ones. Learn wich type of makeup is better for you eye shape, face shape, it will look better.
You can find many things on Youtube and Google about this.

So here it is, I hope you liked this! I just precise that I don't judge anyone, if you like wearing the kind of makeup I gave as bad examples in this articles, no problem, you do whatever you want ;) What you wear, makeup or clothes, doesn't define who you are at all, I don't judge people on their appearance. You're a free human being, and if you're okay with it, that's the most important thing. It's a question of taste :)