I dont even know where to start..
I was in 2years relationship with a guy who cheated on me constantly. We broke up very terrible, and i was really down..
I was hurt. He didn't even say me that he is over me and he took home another girl..
After this hell i felt nothing..
And when i say nothing i really mean it. I could not eat because i didn't have any taste..I could not sleep even though i was so tired.
I felt absolutely nothing inside my heart.. but then after six month i meet some guy..
Unfortunately it was something like bestfriend of my ex boyfriend.
He started writting me, we wanted go out with me and things like that. For the first time i was thinking that he was just joking beacuse of my ex, but he didnt..
We started meeting each other's and after all this long time i felt something.
I felt like i can be happy again.
But most of the time i am not..
I dont even know if we are in relationship or what the hell is it. Like almost love or something..It's very hard to explain because i can't even explain to myself.
Sometimes act like he likes me, sometimes he ignoring me all day, sometimes he write me that he miss me, sometimes he say that is boring to chatting all day(or night) even thought we dont see each other very ofen because he is professional footbal player. And because od this, and lots of more i feel like im not good enough.
We do every single thing what people do in relationship. But somehow sometimes we are more than friends, sometimes he does't write me all day and than he act like nothing happend. And this happing all over again. For example now is 8:00am and i dont know what he was doing all day even thougt i was with him all day yesterday.
i've never felt more loved and more hurt by the same person.
i hope you find a love you don't have to question