Having a friend is the best thing in the world. Do you think that too? i don't.
It's amaizing when you have someone by your side. It's great when you can tell everything to that someone.
You laugh, you smile, you are the happiest person in the world because you have someone by your side and you feel complete.

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When they have problem you are always there, you give everything you can just to help that person. You cry river for him/her, you sacrifice something so your friend can be happy again. You are trying to find solution even if it takes whole week.
In that time you forget about your life and your problems and they hit you even harder.

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Then you have lot of problems hanging around your neck choking you.
You think your friend is going to help you. But... they aren't here. Now they have their own problem and they don't have time for you because, I quote them: my life is worst than yours. Even if you're drowning in depression.
If someone have that kind of friendship don't be afraid to end it, because your life will be better, trust me.

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If you have friend that is amaizing to you then you found the right person, but if you don't have friend, don't worry, if someone want to be your friend they will come to you and be there for you.