Once there was a star in the sky,she wasn't happy or care free,but she was young and thats what kept her sane..
Years went by little star wasn't so little anymore,her toughts of beautiful and easy world switched thoughts of fear and loneliness.
In the blink of an eye world wasn't so easy to figure out anymore,it was cold place..
People under the sky,didn't anymore seem stupid for getting angry on their kids,shouting and fighting with other people.. She started to understand them,and she was afraid .
Will she become like them?
Will time make her into human?
How can she stay star forever she asked herself,but she never got answer.
The only thing she could do was to stay on the sky..
But she got lonely up there she wanted to touch that tree,taste that coffee and ask those people when were they stars.. So now little star is coming down here among us.
She is scared for her life,but she knows that this is the only way ..