Did I say to you guys that I'm a BIG fan of Teen Wolf?

OMG! Then you don't know the best part of me. I'm that kind of girl that sees a lot of tv shows and movies, and ships every couple that it's in my way.

Like that kind of crazy.

I know you understand me.

Of course, who can resist to all of these?

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And obviously there is more!

But I'm here to share with all of you my opinions about the two hour episode of last night. Now just one week for the finale!

I just gotta say that I grew up watching Teen Wolf. I mean in my darkest time when I didn't know who am I, and we all have that kind of personality issues, well Teen Wolf was that tv show that reminds me how cool can be if you're just you, and accept yourselves.

I'm kind of nostalgic because this episode was so good, but so sad.

I really like a lot Deucalion. I mean he was like this tuff bad-ass alpha, and at the same time I always saw in him like a guidance for Scott. And he died doing it. Helping him. This character was really really inspirational. He reminds me in some way at Peter. I love Peter to.

Like I mean, he is the one that started all of this. Without him Teen Wolf cannot be Teen Wolf. And his character is so mean, and bad, but also now funny and field with a lot of meaning. He is in there because of his daughter and that's beautiful. Watching him grew up in that kind of way.


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Yes, yes, yes!!

You know, I always hate Kate but seeing here coming back brings me a lot of emotions. I think that is because this episodes feel like the old Teen Wolf in some way. Seeing here and DEREK with this thing that they still have, it was just too good to see.


OMG, I just have to say that I cry watching him and that new infamous description that everyone have of him. It is so good to have him back.

Ethan And Jackson

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I have to be honest, I have my doubts of them before. But, seeing them in that scene, and now seeing the connection I totally love them!

But I have to be honest, I want to see Danny and what he had to said about it. I know that we are not going to stop laughing.

Stiles Is Back Bitches!

In the next episode of course. But he's back!!!! And I see like the nogitsune and the onis in the finale promo? Please, I have to be crazy.

But, Teen Wolf is more than a tv show, you now?
Is a family, and we all are going to miss this, and the characters. I just hope that Allison show in the finale episode... Yeah, I keep hoping.

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See you around!
xoxo, T.