This is a question I asked myself a lot in the last year. I think it's a question everyone asks himself . Then let's be honest: no one wants to be average. Everyone wants to be different and everyone wants to be an individual human.

I think we all are like everyone else and I think we all are not like everyone else. Even the way we think about being average and the way we think about not being average makes us different.
When a group of us talk about something maybe some of us have the same opinion, but everyone has his own thought, which he doesn't share with the others. And that's ok.

There are a lot of moments where we think we have nothing, not even little bit individual blood in our veins. We have the feeling we are just following other people or their way to live. If we wear clothes, which are trendy we immediately think we are a part of the crowd which is following this trend. But maybe this clothes are just something which makes you feel good and comfy.

But let's not forget: you don't have to look different to be different. The only thing you have to be is: you. So stop thinking asking yourself if you are too average or not average enough. Start being you. Because you are good in the way you are.