Soo, Hi I guess,

My name is Tove, I know this might be a weird name to you, but I'm from sweden so that's why, haha.
why i call myself Norie on here? well I don't know, i really liked it and thought it sounded cool sooo.
Enough of that and more about me, like I said My name is Tove and I'm 16 years old. My dream is to be a writer and actress, cause I want so share all the stories I build up in my head with the rest of the world and the actress part is cause I would like to make those words in my books in to living pictures.
the stories I write is often based on a dream I've dreamt. imagene if you could make the dreams in to movies and just watch them over and over again that would be awsome.
well what more can i tell you about me... I have a cat, she is cute... sometimes. I play guitar and keyboard, and I also draw when ever I'm bored.
that's all I have I think, so see you tomorrow :)

// T🖤