Hi everyone i'm Marina and i'm from Spain. The main goal of this article is helping some people that maybe need those tips about studying to use them and have better grades than now. I hope you guys to understand me and i hope that this article helps you in your school life !!!!

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First, i think one of the best things is to have all organised and that is because you can clearly see what you have to do and you can organised your time perfectly. This is the key: your time.
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Next tip it's buying notebooks, pens, pencils, folders and more that you really love. It'll motivate and encourage you to study.

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Third, it's important to go over the stuff you had alredy studied in class the same day. This will help you to memorize the contents and i'll easier to learn.

and these are the most important tips that i know so i hope you use them and see u in the next article ! thank u for reading