Hello, Hola, Bonjour! My last article was about school and advice, so I thought writing some of my study tips would benefit some of you (hopefully?!)

1) The App Store!
Teachers seem to reject the idea of certain apps which, in reality, are the most reliable source to your studying. Here are a few helpful apps that I swear upon. From flashcards, tutuorials, language-learning and quizzes!

  • BBC Bitezise
  • Memrise
  • Quizlet
  • iMindMap
  • YouTube (thousands of free tutorials)

2) Study Timetable
A study timetable is a graph that you can make yourself which tells you what to do on what days and what time. This is extremely useful because it keeps yourself organized and you know exactly what you are doing on that day.

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3) School Work
Whatever work you have done at school, whether that's posters, notes, worksheets or pages of writing, take it home! This makes it easier to revise because you can refresh your mind of the information you have already learnt rather then re-teaching yourself topics. Even if its just rereading it, soon enough it will all stick in your brain.

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4) Environment
Make sure you are studying in a quiet environment such as: your bedroom, classroom, or a library. Anywhere that keeps you focused and without distractions! Because if you are sitting in your lounge with the TV blasting loud and people talking, your brain will not relax and you will find it harder to focus on your work. Also, make sure there is a desk or table that you can lean on and spread out your work.

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5) Organisation
Organising your work is VITAL. I suggest you separate your work and textbooks into different folders/book holders so you know where everything is. If you don't own or not willing to buy folders/bookholders, simply place them in different drawers or colour code what subject is what.

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6) Music
Listening to music really helps. It calms and soothes your mind and lets you think more creatively. So while studying, I really suggest playing music quietly in the background.

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7) Snacks & Water
Do I really need to go through this point? Make sure you keep hydrated and eat snacks throughout your revision to help you stay feeling refreshed, hydrated and energised. That's right, treat yourself to a few chocolate bars throughout the day and your good to go!

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And there we have it! Some advise and tips for your studying. All you need to remember is that you don't give up, stress or over study yourself. Trust me, if you keep up with studying, even if its just for 10 minutes a day, you will soon see your grades improve and you will feel better in yourself. I really hope they help! Good luck!