Hi! Welcome... This is my third article from #MusicAndColours series. Here is an introduction Let's continue our journey through September music... 💕

🖤 Sam Smith "Too Good At Goodbyes" 😥

In a recent interview Sam Smith was asked if he can write a happy song and he said that he tried but NO, "if you want an artist that is gonna make you be happy and dance and stuff then I'm just not the guy." So... no happy songs from Sam Smith, but that's ok because I love his sad songs. If you wanna see the whole interview -> https://youtu.be/Q6kAGLx1y6U

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💙 Nick Jonas "Find You"

The song is about "my journey to find love but everytime I'm around it I kind of run from it".

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💚 Alan Walker "The Spectre"

"Hope you guys like this track - it's a remake of the instrumental ”Spectre” that I released a few years ago. It’s a song that I specifically want to dedicate to my core fans, who’ve been following me since the start." - Alan Walker (from youtube description)

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💜 U2 vs Kygo "You're The Best Thing About Me"

This song is a little bit different than the original Kygo style but it sounds great. 👏🏻

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❤ Avicii "Lonely Together" ft. Rita Ora

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They just released their new album "Love Yourself: 'Her' " and this amazing song... just listen to it. 😬

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💕 My special recommandation for this week is the song "Calling Me" by Aquilo. I find this band interesting with unique sounds and music videos so if you want check them out.

That's all for now. If you want send me a postcard with songs that you listen at the moment and follow me for more inspiration. 🐘