Hey guys,
this article is about music, and how i feel about music.

For first i make music myself, ( chill stuff, sad )
you can find me on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and Twitter..
under the name Taychuju, ( Taychujulovesgays on Youtube. )

So i think theres no music genre which is trash and i dont understand why people keep complaining about different genres, because isn't this what makes music?
I personally dont care about genres, if i like a song, i like the song and not the genre.

And heres why i think making youre own music can keep you alive.

I think it's the fact that you can put all youre feelings in a song, and then theres the feeling you have when people support you, and like youre music, it's amazing.

Would appreciate if you would go and check out my music, thanks you!!!