You know that song from AJR? Actually, I didn't pay that much attention to the lyrics but the title is totally relatable. Because when you're on Netflix or amazon Prime or whatever, you really are on a trip, far far away, in a different land. So now, I'm gonna list and recommend my favourite series, not in any specific order.

Jane The Virgin

gina rodriguez and jane the virgin image

This series combines so many genres in one! If you need something to laugh, Jane the Virgin is perfect, I mean, just think of Rogelio. If you want some drama, look whats going on in the Sin Rostro case. And if you want a love story, focus on the love triangle between Jane, Michael and Raphael.
The series is about Jane, who is a virgin (Oh really? Not that we knew that from the title already) and who got artificially inseminated and now is pregnant throughout the first season. Additionally she finds out that her father is a telenovela star. And she drops her engagement plans with Michael because she fell in love with Raphael, the biological father of her baby. Then there also is a murder case where Raphaels father is involved so drama, drama, drama...

Teen Wolf

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image

The show which comes to an end this year... sniff, sniff
In six seasons total, you can watch Scott and his friends dealing with the supernatural and the typical high school life. To be honest, I'm not really the action type, so every fight scene, which there are a lot of, is kinda annoying for me, but the storyline is totally worth it. It's very hard to turn it off after one episode. And uuuuggghh the actors... Ever seen Dylan O'Brien? He's the definition of the man of a girls dreams, if you ask me.

The Royals

e, fashion, and the royals image

Again: where are boys looking like that in our world? I mean for real.
The show does the rest. I guess I watched two seasons in a week because i just couldn't stop! It's so exciting and catchy and everything. At the same time it made me laugh a couple times because everything is so sarcastic. Also it all seems very realistic, I mean, for sure it's not the real royal family but you can totally imagine a royal family living a life exactly like that. In Addition, it is soo overwhelming to see the luxury everywhere.


unreal image

Woah that series really blew my mind. Like the Royals it seems totally realistic, there is nothing supernatural or anything. Instead, there is real drama. Everybody wonders what it looks like behind the scenes of a reality TV show like the Bachelor. Well, Unreal shows it to you. It shows you everything. And it leaves you shocked, every single episode.

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why, katherine langford, and dylan minnette image

Who hasn't watched it? It was such a hype, I didn't even want to watch it, because I thought it was nothing special. Damn, I was so wrong.
It is so heartbreaking and even though you know the end, you always wish that it would surprise you with a happy end. Instead it leaves you with tears. Again something I watched in one week from the start to the beginning without stopping because I couldn't sleep without knowing the end.


riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image

Ugh, again, so much drama! I needed a show to show the typical high school drama, but no, Riverdale takes it one step further, already starting with a murder case and ending the season with even more. Did you see Cole Sprouse? He's the funniest person and I always enjoy watching interviews with the cast because they're all so entertaining, just like their show is.

Well the list could go on and on, but I don't think anybody would read that far, so that's it for now, maybe I'd do a second part of it.

I hope you liked it and now feel the need to immediately turn on your TV and watch the shit out of these series, just like I did. Have fun!

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