Hello everyone, I want to share some of my top tips for keeping your skin clear and it involves natural homemade masks, Hair masks, face soaps, tips for making sure your face isn't dry or too oily. One of my many tips is, get the right cream for your skin and facial cleanser + face wash, go to a good pharmacy and let them test your skin type to help solve your skin problems :)!!! Is my face a combination skin? or idk how to exactly say it, but dry and normal and some parts are a bit oily, so I use sebaderm facial cleanser. ( this product smooths your face and is rated as a 4.5 star on Amazon. For my moisturizer, I love the Aveeno one, it has no perfume in it and is a good price for us teenagers. My whole family uses the product. Toners are important to remove and to remove oil and traces of dirt and grime. "Toners are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products such as sunscreen". Sunscreen is so important because it makes sure your face is one colour, use sunscreen when you wake up because the sun isn't the main reason your face changes colour even the lights in work, school, or home will change your skin.Lip balms are so important, I suggest you get the ones that have sp 50+ or more. Honey and yoghurt will change your life, mix the same amount in a bowl and apply til dries ( about 10-20 mins ), do this every day. I haven't used a good undereye cream so I won't suggest any but I use almond oil and jojoba oil together and they help ( apply it every night )