Judging other people. We all do it, every day. And if you´re saying you´re not you´re lying. You can do it subconscious but still you´re doing it. Don´t lie, it doesn´t change anything.

It´s okay to say that you´re not liking the skirt someone´s wearing, but it´s not okay to say someone´s fat. Even though he maybe is, you don´t have to say that to a stranger or friend. You probably have parts on your body you don´t like. How would you feel when someone says something really mean about it? Sad, angry, assaulted, uncertain? This are things you shouldn´t feel and you also don´t want it. So what´s the point in getting other people those feelings by telling them stupid things because you´re bored or angry or jealous. Stop judging other people. You´re not perfect, there´re not perfect. But we´re all humans and that´s the way we should treat each other. Like humans and not models or movie characters.


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