day 1: write an article about yourself.
Name: Savannah Payton Gilmore

Birthday: 10/24

Favorite color: Baby Blue

Favorite book: Pretty-girl 13

Pets: 2 cats (Misty and Angel), 2 dogs (Jax and Stella), a chinchilla (Caito), three fish (Nacho, Burrito, Dyson)

I am really easy to please. Honestly just give me a small trinket or something to play with (i.e. a stress ball) Ill be good for a while and chances are I will really like you. I'm a vegetarian. Don't ask why cause I honestly forgot by now. I just do it now cause I feel like I gotta keep it up. Also I just dont like meat in general that much anyways. besides steak. I dont really get annoyed easily. actually take that back, i do get annoyed really easily, but im not gonna be a bitch if i AM mad. majority of the time. Im pretty chill i think. idk how to end this. the end.