Hi guys,
So I was looking through we heart it and came across this 15 day writing challenge and i thought it was a great way to start articles.

Day one - Introduce
My name is Tia, but I often go by 'Tee'. I'm 17 years old, and I'm from the UK.

eminem image
The king of music🙏🏻

My favourite music artist is most definitely Eminem, he's probably the most realest rapper of them all! His music is so related and at least one of his songs relate to each of my world.

breast, henna, and tattoo image
Ugh yes please 😍

When I'm older, I will be covered head to toe in ink. I plan to be in ink wonderland. However I don't want all random tattoos, most will have a meaning or be a symbol of something that happened or I've been through. I love the idea of art and expressing feelings or telling a story.

WeRiD cRaZy FaCt AbOuT mE!
My favourite munch would have to be cheesy chips, with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. 🍟

Lots of love. Tee xo