So I decided to write an article too since everyone is doing this now haha.
Just try some new things out, right? And what's better to start with than a simple "what's on my playlist" - article?
So here we go:

  • Without A Word - Birdy

I know this song isn't new or something and tbh I stumbled on it by accident. But I've always loved Birdy and her songs. So here you go with this beautiful piano ballad. Perfect for cold rainy days.

  • The Fire - Bishop Briggs

I discovered her like 4 weeks ago and first I just listened to "River" but then this song came on shuffle and it's amazing! Love her voice!

  • Brother - Kodaline

Tbh I don't know how to feel about that song. I never was like a big fan of Kodaline but this song found its way to my playlist and there it has been since 2 weeks now. I guess you just kinda have to be in the right mood to like this song.

  • Musik Sein - Wincent Weiss

Ha! This is a German song. You didn't expected that, don't ya? Haha jk. If you don't like foreign music (I mean it's still pop) then go on. But I kinda like it, it's such a mainstream pop song you can sing easily along with (not that I always listen to stuff like that).

  • New Rules - Dua Lipa

At first I didn't like that song but then it was like on repeat when I was at a friend's house and since then I like it haha. Also I really like Dua as a person herself. Totally someone who I'd hangout with (even if I don't know her personally...yet hehehe).

  • Such A Boy - Astrid S

Have you ever heard of her? No? So lemme introduce her quickly: A blonde Norwegian pop princess. Such an angel - I mean she casually had a pizza party with her fans! Just give her a listen :) .

  • do re mi - Blackbear ft. Gucci

Normally I don't really listen to these kind of songs but this song is an exception I guess?

  • There' Nothing Holdin' Me Back (Acoustic) - Shawn Mendes

There will never be a playlist of mine without my boy. NEVER. I love this song (of course I do lmao) but I also love acoustic versions of songs so... A perfect match here? OH YES.

  • Atic - Astird S

Again Astrid haha but I've been listening to her for a while now and of course there are a few songs of her in my playlist. And tbh I like this song even a bit more than 'Such a boy'.

  • Save My Soul - JoJo

I was impressed when I first heard this song, she has a pretty strong voice. And I like that (her song too ofc).

And last but definitely not least


  • Legendary - Welshly Arms

Omg I can never thank my friend enough for showing me this absolutely amazing breathtaking song! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Their EP just came out a couple weeks ago and this song has already a special place in my heart (okay I'm being overdramatic now, sorry lol). I just love this song. And you should give it a listen asap.

Sorry for being overdramatic and stuff (mostly at the end), I'd totally understand if you never want to see me again haha. But let me know what you think about that article. :) I would really appreciate some criticism (criticism is both: positive and negative!). And also if you think you got a song that I would like based on what you just saw/listened to feel free to dm me!

See you hopefully the next time I write an article!
Love Lisa

p.s. sorry for my not so good English, it's not my first language.