So,this may sound stupid to you.But i really need to do it.Before it’s too late.You all know me as Northelyn.And i mostly say”this is my second name and i have one name in Turkish too.”And i choose this name by myself.Years ago.I was think that i can change it officially as my name when i become 18.And i love this name so much.But it has so many dark things in it.I met a lot of people in past years.And now,none of them are here and they were my best people.And i always introduced myself as “Northelyn” and know,already,i am feeling so bad with this.It’s like,all the bad people in the world knows my name with bad memories.And before it’s too late i need to make a decision.And i did it.I am changing my name.

Since a week,i am searching for name.I did so many research and i finally found.You will know me as Lyra after today.I like this name so much.And it’s my name after today.To the day i dead.It’s meaning is “the constellation which includes the star Vega.”And also “ The name Lyra comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Lyra is: Of the Iyre.”