"when you called me, i become your flower"
- serendipity

"in the previous life, and maybe the next too we're forever together"

"i hope you don't forget you're my,
every day, every summer and winter
even though you may be unaware"
- best of me

"those dimples are illegal, it's dangerous, so i call you illegirl"
- dimpels

"i like it more because it's bad, you know it deep down"
- pied piper

"you already have plenty of my pictures in your room"
- pied piper

"thare's too many trophies in my hand, it's too heavy, my hands are not enough"
- MIC drop

"i'm so busy, so busy having one body isn't enough"
- MIC drop

"we're too young to just worry
just for today i'd go then worry
if you keep saving out of fear, it all turn to waste, just swipe it "
- Go Go

"again today, i make up to wake up and dress up to mask on
so that i can become the me that you love, so that i can become the guy that you love"
- outro: Her