People believe that a 'glow up' means that you become physically hot, and you're an unbothered baddie who doesn't care about others, but they all have the wrong idea. Glowing up isn't about not caring, it's about so much more than that.

1. Don't let others opinions bother you and get you down.

Whether you're in high school or college, people are gonna talk about you. I'm gonna be a mom for a second when i say it's literally because they are jealous of you. Don't let their opinions get you down on yourself. They wanna be 'cool' to their friends or it's a popularity contest to them but it just makes them look bad. You know who you are far more than anyone else does so if they want to talk about you, by all means, let them.

2. Girls need to support girls.

Most of the time all girls care about is bringing others down so that they can feel better about themselves but you don't need to be like that. If you see someone sitting alone at lunch, go talk to them. If you see a girl wearing a rockin' top, hell, tell her she looks bomb. Smile at your enemies and make them mad. Killing with kindness is key and people tend to gravitate towards more positive people.

3. Financially Successful

Save your money. If you don't have a job then try to find one. Don't blow your money, save it and budget yourself. Your future self will thank you later.

4. Skincare is key

When all else fails, drink water! Water will help to clear your skin and make you happier because of the extra endorphins your body is producing. Personally, i don't like water and i never have, so if you're like me then i suggest getting a water additive like iced tea powdered packets or kool-aid drops. Take care of your skin girl, wash your face twice a day, always make sure to take off your makeup at the end of the day, and use a face mask once in a while, results will show.

5. Wear what you want

Whoever said that you're only cool if you wear what everyone else is wearing? Babygirl, stand out and rock that world. If you wanna wear sweatpants then hell yea do that! (just not everyday) Wear what you're most comfortable in and i promise you, you'll look bomb af. The reason why some girls look awesome in sweatpants is because they're confident in them and confidence goes a long way.

6. Love your body

People radiate towards positive vibes. If you wanna workout and get that toned body, go for it. Whatever body type you have, be confident with it. All bodies are beautiful and you don't have to be thin to be beautiful. You just need to look proud of what you look like and you will rock everyone's world.