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Do you often feel frustrated, stuck in a weird feeling, angry or stressed when there’s no apparent reason to feel that way? I was stuck in that state of mind which prevented me from growing and becoming a better version of myself, but when I reached that “inner peace”, I became more productive and happier.
1. What is “inner peace”?
“Inner peace” is a state of mind where you finally make peace with your universe. You achieve “inner peace” when you start believing in yourself; stop caring about what others think and start to feel peace in situations where you’d usually feel anxiety.

2. Why do you need it?
You have to have such a strong belief in yourself that you can quiet all the outside noises because you’re going to need that every step of the way toward your goals, whatever they may be. Some people project their fears and failure on you and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, you have to be strong enough and be resilient to believe in whatever it is you’re trying to do. And this is why you need it.

3. How to achieve inner peace
If you want to feel peace, stop comparing yourself or your life with others. I used to compare myself to those “instagirls” and I somehow stopped and guess what, it felt amazing! Here’s something I learned; you need to love yourself. Love yourself so much to the point where you’ll automatically reject every bad energy. Have confidence in yourself, be open to criticism from the right people but also know when to ignore it and go full out of your vision. If you’re genuinely putting in your work and doing what feels right to you, it’ll work out and the right people will gravitate toward you.
Let me tell you the truth; the people who talk badly about you feel intimidated and threatened by you, they’re desperate to try and make you seem less appealing to others. So don’t stop being YOU, you are one of one, you’ve been given talents. Don’t be average or even good, be unbelievably extraordinary and authentic. Make peace with your past, see it as a life lesson, stop overthinking, there’s some things you can’t control, let the universe do its work for you. Remember that opinions doesn’t define your reality, everyone has a different journey therefore stop comparing yours to others. Wake up every day with a positive attitude, positive thoughts bring positive things. If I can give you some advices I have been given, never be in a hurry, do everything in a calm attitude, don’t allow yourself to lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever. Do everything with soul, creativity, and love. So stop caring about what other think, everyone has a different definition of what life is supposed to be, get in your zone, express yourself. Feel that inner peace that invades you. I’m not going to lie to you, some days are harder than others but even the tiniest possible step is progress. It’s during those days that you’ll know if you’re in peace, the fact that you’re staying calm and still believing in the achievement of your goals.
So whatever challenges life gives you, know you’re good enough to achieve them and get closer to your goals. Never stop believing in yourself, it’s your greatest strength.
If you can create harmony in your own life, this harmony will enter into the vast world Sri Chinmoy.