I have loved stickers forever, they are fun and they make me feel happy. If you give a sticker to someone just watch how they smile. So how do I use stickers?……

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I enjoy personalising birthday cards and seeing the enjoyment the cards give. For instance one of my friends loves cupcakes and fashion so I decorate her card with clothes and cupcakes. Sometimes I draw something and decorate the picture in stickers so it makes a story. I decorate Christmas cards in stickers too. Any card gets a sticker. My family and friends know their card is going to be covered in stickers and I just have to add some glitter for that extra touch. I know they cannot wait to see what I have done

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I keep a diary. On the days I do not want to write anything I use stickers to emphasis my mood and feelings and show the events of the day.

I colour code sticker bookmarks and I relate them to appointments and birthdays and anything else that is important.

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I stick them on books, people, bags, and I use sticker apps. I put the, anywhere and everywhere because I just love stickers!!

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