"I empty my glass, but it filles with lonelyness"
- hold me tight

"I try to exhale you in pain, like smoke, like white smoke"
- spring day

"comparing my dead passion with others it's now a part of my daily life"
- the last (agust d)

"you're so beautiful that i'm scared"
- butterfly

"You worth it, you perfect, deserve it, just work it"
- 21 ceuntry girl

"I have a long way to go but
why am I running in place?
I scream out of frustration
but the empty air echoes
I hope tomorrow will
be different from today
I’m just wishing"
- tomorrow

"I live because I can’t die"
- so far away (agust d)

"I’m happy with who I’ve become
That I can make someone scream with joy"
- young forever

"I want you who makes eye contact with me"
- dead leaves

"Why are you crying?
It’s only me and you here"
- 4 o'clock